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Leading provider of professionally outsourced cleaning services for homes, offices, factories and commercial buildings

Cleaning Company in Queenstown South Africa

Plutos is a cleaning company in Queenstown South Africa that specializes in domestic and commercial cleaning services. Plutos cleaning services Queenstown provides cleaning services that are affordable while retaining a quality service. Our cleaning team and staff have years of experience in cleaning with the toughest of stains & dirt from homes, to matrasses to cars upholstery cleaning to offices.

Cleaning Services in Queenstown South Africa

Top ten cleaning services in Queenstown.

Cleaning company and services Queenstown South Africa

Plutos cleaning is a sister company of plutosviii and provides professional cleaning services and contract in queenstown south africa. Plutos Cleaning focuses on carpet cleaning queenstown, upholstery cleaning queenstown. Our services can be divided into two main sections namely domestic cleaning services and also commercial for he cleaning of office spaces and factories and the other for homes and residential areas.

Atap Cleaning

We prioritize reliability, attention to detail and remarkable professionalism. We believe in team work both within our business and during our dealings with clients. All our staff members wear uniform. The uniform worn by our staff ensures that they are identifiable and presentable. Our staff is well trained and has excellent client service. ATAP Cleaning Services is your best value! With us providing you with our cleaning services, you’re free to focus on running your business rather than spending time managing cleaning suppliers or doing the cleaning yourself

Ilitha Industrial Cleaning

We are primarily cleaning specialists but we also focus on providing other impeccable services such as the following: Cleaning Factory Floors, Structures , Warehouse, Equipment ,Machinery etc. High pressure cleaning of roofs and walls. Exterior and Interior Cleaning of Buildings. Cleaning of Boilers and Heat Exchangers. Unblock drains(jet washing). Shut down Cleaning. General building maintenance eg window cleaning, gutter cleaning, fascia board repair/fix, waterproofing of boundary walls, parapet walls and roofs. Interior and Exterior painting of townhouse complexes, corporate office blocks, domestic painting, new homes, commercial & industrial buildings. painting of structural steel works ,treatment of wooden surfaces.

Broubart Cleaning

Catering for commercial, retail and industrial industries, Broubart Cleaning provides exceptional service tailored to your needs. Our staff are friendly and efficient, well-trained to follow the correct procedures and use the correct products and equipment specific to your environment. Our renowned service excellence is upheld through continual supervision and internal audits, as well as through the use of the best equipment for the job. Our services include Contract cleaning: retail / commercial/industrial / food industry/schools / domestic Proficient at working to international standards and procedures Incidental cleaning Emergency cleaning Window cleaning Carpet cleaning Strip and seals…

Butler & Maid

Domestic and Small Business cleaning services. We supply all staff and chemicals per clean.

Types of cleaner services in Queenstown

General cleaning in Queenstown

Keep your house spotless by hiring a cleaner, as this can save you the time and stress of doing it yourself while providing employment to someone who needs it. Also, if you don’t have the right tools to tackle tough cleaning jobs, specialist cleaners can come in handy. From bathrooms, kitchens and living room cleaning, finding the right cleaner is a breeze with the Uptasker cleaner directory.

End-of-lease cleaning in Queenstown

When your lease is expired and you are about to move out of your property, a professional cleaning can be the dirrence between getting your deposit back or not at all. Cleaners who specialise in this type of cleaning will clean your place top to bottom.

Specialised cleaning services in Queenstown

Whether you need a high pressure clean of your driveway, cleaning painting surfaces or getting your hard-to-reach windows sparkling clean, sometimes an expert cleaning service is your best option. Blocked gutters, roof cleaning or stubborn carpet stains, a specialist cleaner can help to tackle these tough cleaning tasks.

Typically professional cleaners will work on a one-off or contractual basis.

Grime, dust, dirt and rubbish are all usually included in a bond cleaning service, whether that be an office, home or industrial space. While some cleaners offer general cleaning services, many others specialise in commercial, industrial or domestic jobs. Sometimes they specialise in specific cleaning such as upholstery or window cleaners.

How to choose the right cleaner in Queenstown

Determine what you need
If you are looking for a professional cleaner, consider your specific needs and look for an expert who can get the job done right first time. Some cleaners will offer additional or special services like end-of-lease cleaning, floor restoration or driveway cleaning and garden cleaning.

How often do you need a cleaner in Queenstown?

Sometimes it is more cost effective to hire a cleaner on a contractual or ongoing basis. The benefit of hiring a cleaner on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis is that you can find someone who will be familar with your premises and knows exactly how you prefer things in your home, office or industrial space.

Check their reviews and qualifications

Reading cleaners’ reviews and feedback on their Uptasker profile will quickly give you an idea whether they will be the right expert for the job.



Whether you’re looking for cleaning services for an office block, or for a large-scale, commercial operation, we’ll tailor our services to meet your needs.



We provide ease to your life and mind with a range of flexible domestic cleaning services designed to keep every area of your home beautifully clean and well presented.

Our Services

Leading provider of professionally outsourced cleaning services for homes, offices, factories and commercial buildings



We provide ablution cleaning for offices, factories and commercial operations. Our ablution cleaning services entail a deep clean, which is crucial for maintaining optimal hygiene and health of staff. We offer a range of ablution cleaning solutions for companies of all sizes.

Regardless of your ablution cleaning needs, we’ll provide you with services that are effective, efficient and expertly rendered.


Carpet Cleaning

Your business or home and its contents are an investment. This means that where your rugs, carpets and upholstery are concerned, the use of professional carpet cleaners is a must. Regular cleaning not only maintains the appearance of your carpets, it prolongs their life-span too. In fact, carpets that are regularly cleaned have twice the life-span of those that don’t undergo a regular maintenance programme. Making use of professional carpet cleaners has the added benefit of eliminating dust mites, mould and mould spores, and allergens that contribute to asthma, respiratory problems and hay fever.

Window Cleaning

Windows need to be kept clean in commercial buildings for numerous reasons. They look more attractive when they are clean and keeping them clean results in less drastic chemical treatment, which in turn saves money in the long-run.


We spend a third of our life in bed and it is the most important part of our resting cycle. Yet people don’t realise that mattresses provide the perfect breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria as it’s warm, dark, and damp. These bugs can cause itchiness, odours, asthma and sinus problems which can be prevented or treated by regular mattress cleaning.


Keeping your home and office clean is a necessity not only for appearance sake but also to ensure the health and safety of you, your family or your staff is not at risk. However, maintaining the cleanliness of your property can be a mammoth undertaking that requires a lot more time, equipment and resources than you may have. Enlisting the services of an outsourced cleaning company could be the answer to your spring cleaning and pre-occupational cleaning needs.


Cleaning your couches, chairs and futons need to be approached with care. Amateur, DIY jobs can result in permanent damage to your furniture. Our upholstery cleaners are skillfully trained to ensure your assets are cleaned in line with the required standards. Cleaning specialists are able to provide upholstery cleaning services for a range of different furniture including lounge suites, outdoor furniture, mattresses, lounge chairs, futons and any other piece of furniture that has upholstery. We are also able to provide a flexible service that is not only for homes but for boats, caravans, cars and just about anything else! Avoid the risk of damage that’s costly, or worse, irreparable, by making use of our upholstery cleaners who’ll provide you with expert service that’s tailored to your individual needs.


When you consider that the average person spends 90% of his or her time indoors, dirty ceilings can become a significant health hazard that should be addressed. Most people don’t realise how dusty, dirty or grimy a ceiling can get because we don’t see it or pay attention to it on a daily basis. Getting a ceiling cleaning service is thankfully an inexpensive exercise and costs about half of what painting the ceiling would cost.


If your carpets are riddled with stubborn stains and dirt, then wet carpet cleaning is for you, resulting in a thorough, ‘deep-clean’ of carpets as well as upholstered surfaces. Beware of sub-standard service providers who call this method ‘steam cleaning’ – some types of carpets, like kelims, are damaged when cleaned with water. Our carpet cleaners can identify carpet fabric and then use the correct amount and temperature of water to avoid damaging the carpet.


Keeping your carpets clean and healthy with regular professional carpet cleaning will extend the lifetime, saving you money in the long run. Deep-seated grit and grime need to be extracted from the base of your carpet’s pile to prevent “wear and tear”, as carpets wear from “the bottom up”. For the best results, Cleaning Specialists provides dry carpet cleaning services to homes and offices across Southern Africa. Dry carpet cleaning is often preferred as it uses significantly less water, breaks down stubborn dirt easily and dries quickly, ensuring minimal disruption and a fresh, clean carpet every time.

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